Exporting Danish know-how in the field of care and rehabilitation

Denmark is known worldwide for its high quality standards and efficiency in all kind of care, nursery and rehabilitative services. SOSU Ostjylland has for many years been the leading operator offering this Danish knowhow to partners in different parts of the world.

Anette Schmidt Laursen, CEO SOSU Ostjylland

“We are aware that Denmark worldwide is known for the high standard and quality in care of elderly and disabled people.

A standard and quality level developed during generations by caregivers, nurses, social workers and staff within rehabilitation.

For more than twenty years has it been a very important focus area for SOSU-Ostjylland to offer, provide and share this Danish care knowledge and practical knowhow.”


SOSU Ostjylland has been engaged in:

  • Competence development of home care workers in the Oblast of Leningrad
  • Establishment of The first private operated care home in Russia. Counselling in reconstruction of an old state carehome into a modern carehome and trainng and educating management and staff in care of different kind of elderly residents.
  • Establishment of the care company to build and operate the first Danish based care home in the city of Changchun in the northern part of China.
  • Trained and educated staff at new established care homes in Shanghai according to danish standards and principles
  • Asked to present an idea and a concept for building up a huge senior refuge for the Indonesian company KALBE.
  • Vietnam
  • Eldercare in Ghana.
  • We have been engaged in transferring Danish experiences and know how into the establishment of
  • Establishing educational program to train caregivers for young disabled youngsters in Japan.

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