Our educations

SOSU Ostjylland provides educational programs within the following areas: 

  • Optional 10th grade primary school Level EQF 2
  • Basic course 1 to social and health EQF 2
  • BASIC course 2 to social and health VET education EQF 2/3
  • VET Fundamental level EQF 3
    • Social and health care Helpers (level 1)
    • (14 month of education – 1/3 at school – 2/3 in practical training.) Aimed at eldercare
  • VET Basic Level EQF 4
    • Social and health care Assistants (level 2) EQF 3
    • (32 month of education – 1/3 at school – 2/3 in practical training.) Aimed at eldercare- hospitals and psychiatry
  • Upper secondary Health EQF 4
  • Academy level EQF 5
  • Hospital service assistants


Moreover, we offer:

  • Supplementary education and training of professional caregivers in eldercare, at hospitals and social institutions.
  • We offer what is requested by the social and health care providers among more than 200 different national curricula’s for short termed courses within all topics of social and health related knowledge and competences.

The Danish Education System

Denmark divides Social & Health education & professions into 3 different levels: Level 1: Elementary Social and Health Care Level 2: Basic Social and Health Care Level 3: Advanced Social and health Care (Bachelor) The VET social and health educational programs present an alternative route to become bachelor to the more traditional route graduating upper secondary high school. A more practical way for youngsters who learn better and prefer a more practical educational pathway.

The Danish Education System

Philosophy of Danish Education

Ever since Grundtvig and Christian Kold founded the Danish folk high schools in the beginning of 1863, in order to educate and train none educated people to be able to take active part in the new democracy installed in 1848, Danish education and pedagogical methodologies at all levels from kindergarten to higher education has focused and still focus on developing Personal development. Civic competences being able to take active part in a democratic system and life along offering and implementing all the needed basic and professional skills of children, youth and adults. For that reason Danish teachers are trained to perform dialogue and democratic based methodologies enhancing the students to become their own didactical developer.

Philosophy of Danish Education


SOSU Ostjylland has approximately 1.200 students and approximately 2.900 professionals on supplementary education and training each year.

We have a huge cultural diversity among our students and we offer education to people from age 15 to 64.

To meet, educate and cooperate with our students and professionals on supplementary training SOSU Ostjylland employ more than 170 staff members including teachers, councillors, multimedia designers, administrative & technical support.

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