CareWare Nordic

A cooperation between Danish and Swedish partners and supported by the EU funded program Interreg ÖKS

The goal of the project is to develop better and more efficient solutions for citizens in need of assistive devices, municipalities and growth for the manufacturers of welfare technology . Also a closer cooperation and common goals to better the quality of life for the citizens in the Nordic countries.

CareWare Nordic focuses on following elements:

Collecting knowledge and experience.

Activities with a focus on technological solutions in the fields of social, health and rehabilitation.
Competence development in social and health care educations – connecting educations closer to the developers of welfare technology.


  • Aarhus Kommune/Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark
  • SOSU Østjylland, Denmark
  • Viborg kommune/Municipality of Viborg, Denmark
  • Center for Industri, Denmark
  • Varbergs kommun, Municipality of Varberg, Sweden
  • Hälsoteknikcentrum Halland, Sweden  ( Now; Leap for Life)


You can read more about and follow the project at:

Project Application

Extension document (in Swedish)