Innovative Methodology for preventing Radicalization to promote Social Inclusion of Youth

In a context of increasingly polarized societies, with extremist ideologies spreading and presenting high threats to social cohesion in Europe, the EU and its Member States are recognizing the need to develop effective prevention policies and intervention scenarios supporting social inclusion and cohesive societies-

The OPEN MINDS project will explore the socio-economic drivers of radical religious and political ideologies prone to incite or lead to violence. It will also analyze exit strategies and disengagement from radical contexts and present complementary knowledge on non-radicalizing identity. Extensive fieldwork will be conducted and the research findings will be translated into two intervention scenarios (gaming and training) which will directly enable young people to take an active role in a more inclusive Europe. Our consortium will draw on the existing state-of-the-art research across relevant disciplines (from conflict and terrorism studies, sociology, psychology, geography, linguistics, moral philosophy, computer science and econometrics) to pave a way for exploring the links between socio-economics, radicalization and deradicalization and related socio-ecological resilience.

According to the Societal Readiness Level (SRL), OPEN MINDS will aim to identify social-economic problems, design and pilot solutions and, refine and validate these solutions in close collaboration to stakeholders and civil society.

The project is carried out in collaboration with partners from Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia and Cyprus and supported by the Erasmus+ program.

Project website will be ready soon