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SOSU Ostjylland Who we are

SOSU Ostjylland is providing educations within social- and healthcare, child care and dental care. The college is located in the Central Jutland region of Denmark.
Verdensmålsskole SOSU Østjylland

SOSU Ostjylland is an independent self-governing state funded educational provider.

The college has been involved in international cooperation for many years. We have a lot of experience in sharing Danish know-how related to different areas and aspects of education, social and health topics, the 17 SDGs and sustainability and digital competence development.

SOSU Ostjylland is a strong international partner and gateway to Danish know-how and practical experiences within care educations. We engage in various cooperation partnerships aiming at developing knowledge, skills and competences, especially within the following areas:

  • The UN's 17 sustainable development goals, including sustainability in general
  • Digital competence development, i.e. with reference to our Digitech education
  • Strengthening 21st century skills, especially among the target group of younger students
  • Focus on and strengthening students' critical approach to the increased spread of generative AI – strengthening their 21st century skills.
  • Focus on how Virtual Reality can be used as a supplementary learning method educationally and in health and child education.

Our projects

Feel free to take a look at our ongoing and finished projects.

Mission and Vision

The overall vision of SOSU Ostjylland

  • To make you smarter about life
  • To be the obvious path for anyone wanting a caring career
  • To offer a meaningful everyday life where community, health and pedagogy are in balance.

The SOSU Ostjylland mission

  • To educate students in the social and health field and the pedagogical field, and develop their study preparation skills
  • To offer relevant courses and continuing and further education within the area
  • To develop youth education and continuing education in close cooperation with the social partners.

The International vision
The mission of SOSU Ostjylland is to increase the knowledge of both students and staff, to strengthen their intercultural competences and global outlook through international involvement & engagement.

The International mission
SOSU Ostjylland's strategy for internationalization must contribute to the school and the vocational educations we offer. The strategy must contribute to SOSU Ostjylland being continuously and increasingly internationalized.

Vision og mission