Who we are - SOSU Ostjylland


Mobility is an important part of the international strategy of the college and must contribute to the quality of the educations by being a clearly visible and attractive opportunity for learners and staff from the college as well as for the college partners.
  • Mobility must support the development and enhancement of the professional and personal competencies of learners and staff as well as the development of the educations and the professions.
  • Mobility must contribute to strengthening the profile and the image of the educations and professions for future learners and partners.
  • Mobility must strengthen the development of the educations through increased cooperation with local, regional and international partners.

This connects to the overall vision and strategy of the college: education must support learners- and staff in being capable in life as well as to strengthen their intercultural competencies and global perspective through international engagement/involvement.

The college has a large network of partners in a wide range of European countries, most of them also vocational colleges with educations in social and health care and child care.

Further to this the college has partnerships in mobility in overseas countries, e.g. Malawi, Ghana and New Zealand.

Since 2013 the college has been a leading member of a national mobility consortium in Health Care covering the major part of two out of five Danish regions. The national consortium partners are two similar vocational colleges in the cities of Randers and Aalborg.

Our international mobility work is based on a non-profit mutual cooperation with our partners and the basic idea and purpose of the consortium is to enhance the quality of our mobility work through mutual development, sharing of ideas and sharing of networks. An important element in this is to use the ECVET tools in our mobility work.

The consortium provides mobility for our students in health care and child care as well as staff mobility and thus offers the same options when coming to Denmark for our international partners.

For our international partners this means access to a wide range of mobility options for both staff and learners in four major cities in the peninsula of Jutland.

Currently we have partners in European Erasmus+ mobility in the Nordic countries Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia but we are open to cooperate with partners from other countries.

  • Annually we send approximately 90 students at different levels abroad, most of them in work placements and in school-based mobility in the Erasmus+ program and
  • approximately 25 staff members for study visits abroad and
  • receive 40-50 students and 20-25 staff members from our European partners in work placements and study visits.