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A Behaviour Management Training through Virtual reality preparing higher education students to support individuals with autism.

The project aims to equip academics, higher education students and graduates in fields related to autism (or autism spectrum disorders [ASD])) and/or other special education needs, with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively manage challenging behaviour in individuals with autism.

This is achieved through the development of an innovative training programme, a comprehensive educational kit enhanced by an innovative VR tool. We aim to Support the modernisation of higher education through the use of technology (e.g., virtual reality [VR]) and innovative applied methodologies (e.g., behavioural skills training [BST]) as opposed to traditional lecture based educational approaches.

We plan to create and use innovative educational content. More specifically, we are going to make use of the opportunities offered by digital technologies for teaching and learning by creating a VR app to serve as an applied practice opportunity for the project’s training course.

VR provides an immersive and interactive learning experience that engages learners more effectively than traditional classroom-based training. Participants can actively engage with the content, which leads to better retention of information. In addition to its effectiveness, VR training is also accessible from anywhere, making it easier for learners to access training regardless of their location.

The video tutorials will be available through an online platform to increase accessibility. With the online platform we are aiming to make the project’s outputs widely available to learners and other interested individuals throughout Europe.

The project is carried out in collaboration with partners from Ukraine, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Spain and Denmark, and is supported by the Erasmus+ program.

Erasmus+ Project number: 2023-1-DK01-KA220-HED-000153480

The project period is 31/12-2023– 30/06-2026.

  • Coordinator: SOSU Østjylland, Denmark
  • Partner: Aalborg Universitet, Denmark
  • Partner: Masarykova univerzita, Czech Republic
  • Partner: Vimodo LTD, Cyprus
  • Partner: Associació Educativa i Cultural Blue Beehive, Spain
  • Partner: Sina Svetulka, North Macedonia
  • Partner: State higher educational institution Donbas state pedagogical university, Ukraine

You can read more about the project at https://abavr.eu/

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