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CareWare Nordic 2

CareWare Nordic 2 is based on the learnings and results that were created in the project CareWare Nordic 1.

CareWare Nordic 1 developed and now operates a number of virtual forums for municipalities, companies and educational institutions as well as platforms for sharing the latest knowledge and experience within the field of assisted living technology.

Support of the innovation system
Based on the results of CareWare Nordic 1 CareWare Nordic 2 will support the innovation system through education and the development of collaboration platforms. The users of assisted living technology must be taught which options and tools are available to them to be able to carry their ideas forward, and attention must be paid to the cooperation of companies and regions/municipalities regarding the development, testing and implementation of assisted living technology through development and the development of the project's platforms.

The project's primary target groups are:

  • Health and care in regions and municipalities that work with or purchase assisted living technology,
  • Educational institutions within health and care
  • Companies that develop assisted living technology

The secondary target group is:

  • Citizens/patients

Expected results
The project contains three work packages with a range of activities focusing on innovation and skills development and aiming to achieve the following results during the 3-year project period:

  • Test and development of a model for communication and early detection of innovative ideas in the healthcare system and a maturation method that increases the number of successful innovation projects.
  • Implementation of idea development processes for 20 challenges identified in the healthcare system.
  • 30 educational courses with companies and 10 with staff with the aim of developing better innovation, test and product development methods in municipalities/regions.
  • 3-6 educational courses testing new technologies with staff in collaboration with companies.
  • Through skills development and platforms, 30-35 companies will get to know the municipalities’ and regions' challenges and needs.
  • Municipalities/regions are presented with 30-35 new solutions and get the opportunity to contribute to the product development.
  • 250-300 employees participate in skills development linked to smart specialisation.
  • Development of teaching courses for students that teach them about technology. Companies are invited to participate.

Focusing on learning and evaluation
The project depends to a large extent on the learning that occurs in the implementation of the project activities, which must form the basis for the final models/methods, educational courses and platforms that the project must result in.The project will develop in an iterative process, where project findings are continuously documented and the process and results regularly evaluated.

The project contributes to Smart Specialisation Halland 2021-2028 and Danish Business Development 2020-2023 (Central Denmark Region), which, in line with the project, has a major focus on health innovation, IT and AI as well as digitalisation.


  • Aarhus Kommune, VTH
  • Högskolan i Halmstad, Leap for Life
  • Region Halland
  • Teknologi i Praksis, TIP
  • Viborg Kommune
  • Business Viborg, TUCV
  • Region Midtjylland

You can read more about the project here: https://careware.dk/careware-nordic/careware-nordic-2