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A journey towards intercultural understanding.

Equality is a core value of the EU. In today's world, contemporary forms of racism and racial discrimination are complex and worrying. In Europe, these issues are increasingly at the centre of political and social concerns. Recent studies have shown that racial discrimination is widespread all over Europe. Combined with the high numbers of migrant’s actions need to be taken to stop racism, for them to be merged into society. Even the numbers of unintentional discrimination incidents are high, which means that racism is done subconsciously.

Bearing that in mind, better access to information about racism and suggestions on how to encounter it seem to be an area where improvement is needed. Also, generally, youths aim to nurture a participatory environment where young people can independently and actively implement social change, through participatory activities. As such, young European citizens are considered important contributors and co-constructors of a more united society, the European Union.

That’s where the STOP-RACISM project aims to help, targeting that young groups, to educate them about the dangers of racism while also providing the skills needed to help the minority groups who have been victims of racism.

The project is carried out in collaboration with partners from Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria and Cyprus, and supported by the Erasmus+ program.

Erasmus+ Project number: 2022-2-DK01-KA220-YOU-000101614

The project period is 1/6-2023 – 01/06-2025.

  • Coordinator: SOSU Østjylland, Denmark
  • Partner: Innovation Hive, Greece
  • Partner: Innovation Bee, Greece
  • Partner: C.I.P, Cyprus
  • Partner: Pnevma LLC, Bulgaria
  • Partner: RightChallenge, Portugal

You can read more about the project here: http://stop-racism.eu/

Please read the project's first newsletter here. (In Danish)